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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LAtest updates =)

i almost forgotten i got a blog!

Latest updates =)

Failed my first driving, long story short, SUAY lo. next TP's on 1st Sep aftn! looking forward =) (Tohlong dun gimme the same tester! pls pls)

Passed my Lifesaving 123 =) have to go and practise more on my freestyle stroke. its horrible! every alternate breath i took, i would definitely drown myself. so kns. LOL! Curent aims for swimming would be to pass my silver award, and achieve a lifeguard license, before NS =) (sounds big right? i also think so)

I attained a high pass for my G4 piano prac. (117/150). (having 120/150 would be a merit) Wow! Not bad for someone who didn't even practise the scales and pieces etc till the last few nights prior to the exam. It had to be the grace of god! Pondering whether to take g4, or g5 theory this coming october. Had to make a decision by today. Hmms. Grade 5 prac on this coming feb/mar. WOW! stressful seh!

Referring to my Luxury List, i had bought all my wants for year 2009 already. Hahas. my fav OT-brand shoes which caused cut a hole, clarks shoes, some shirts, pants anyhow etc excluding some peanut items here and there, i shall draw up a new list when i start my attachment soon =)

Life's good. Start to have a little addiction to prawning. $30 for 3 hours. EXPENSIVE SIOL! prawn about 15 times, can buy one GUCCI wallet ~.~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

After some deep consideration, i had decided to put off some items on wishlist this month. Nt getting F.P, nor tiger, as either the designs currently, and there aren't any great sales going on now. Splurged almost $120 on zara shirts. Found them slightly big. Haix, heck.

Still looking for a comfortable pair of black formal shoes thou.

today's training was horrible. totally shag. legs cramp. i am so weak, but i would get stronger as the days would pass.

okay. update wishlist. go slp. b

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Typical singaporean hectic lifestyle. Bbqs, night-outs, movies, shopping, it fair, ice cream, projects. Wow. busy siol! i cant even rmb exactly where i went, what i did from the past few weeks.

I am getting old.. reaching 20 yo. Caught transformers today with kb. A great show, but ending, very expected. Went ice skating too. Whew! its fun and thrilling, especially when you are on the verge of falling down, and you are grappling on to the handle grip by the ring-sides so tightly like there's no tmr. (well, i am a newbie.. First time!) Took home like 5 swollen blisters home, as the shoes are pretty uncomfortable. The shoes are really smelly too! really look forward to the next ice skating. =) darn! in a day, i spent almost $50. Zz.

Excluding sch projects and exams, i had 3 major exams coming up -_-
1. Driving test! 24th,Very scare will hit curb lo
2. Piano G4 prac! 15th morning,excluding those dreadful scales, confirm distinction
3. Lifesaving! 15th evening, LOl. this one, alot of difficulties. its not as easy you saw those lifeguards do on tv. everytime i tried the plunge in, my chest feels like kena slapped by some board a few dozen times. PAIN ARHS!

One thing kept hoovering over my mind for these past few days.

should i get the fred perry polo?

FP having 20% storewide discount now.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

PC Show

Finally bought a laptop backpack =)

Service staff from Harvey Norman at PC show v helpful. Specs are the best i had saw so far. bought it after a few considerations. Definitely better than the samsonite bag! LOL. Thank God i didn't rush off to PS to buy the samsonite ytd. =)

YES!!! my CX 300's working. Here comes the bass.. sound clarity etc. =) Shiok! noise isolation etc etc. u got to try it to know it. hard to sae the effects. i feel my heart beating =)

kb bought a sennheiser hd 202 today also. My recommendation not bad right? lol. objective done in 10 mins. budget effective too =] Unless you wouldn't mind the bulkiness of it, $60 really a rip off for sennheiser ranged products =)

spent slightly reaching $300 in this PC fair. disheartening right? yeah, my wallet's crying too. But, its worth it =)

happy jiu hao :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Did some in-depth market research on GSS in shopping malls island-wide.

Bought some stuff.

1. Crocs slippers
2. Sennheiser CX 300 ear piece =]
3. Sennheiser MX 400 ear piece (for dad)
and some other basic neccessities.

addicted to my Senn earphone =)The sound quality's totally AWESOME! cant elaborate, u got to try it out to know the feeling. LOL

Still cant decide which samsonite backpack to get.. or perhaps, i shouldn't get one from there.

Intend to get a pair of black formal shoes. Uninterested in designs from the designers labels, as they are kinda uncomfortable for daily wear. Hope there's a suitable and affordable one from scholl/ergonomics lab =)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i know what i want to achieve in my life now.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally! its all over! 5 reports 2 icas one role play all in a week. crashing everything tgt, 4 hours of sleep a day, could u imagine the stress? Had a bad headache this morning, nearly vomited on the train ride. Luckily did not lah =)

Took an MC to cover myself for the afternoon. Badly need some sleep. Wondered if i would be able to have a retest for Calculus. There's still a crm role play this friday. At least, i got the script done =)

Did a arrangement of my furniture in restaurant city in facebook today.

Final Result:

PC's show coming up on the 11th to 14th June
Wondering which pair of sennheiser headphones to purchase.

After shortlisting, i would decide to come up with 2 models.

First: Sennheier PX 100 (White) -- A headphone. Normal retail price: $79.90
[Hoping to find one for a piece of $50 note during the sale] its an old 2003-made model thou.

Second: Sennheiser CX 300/400/500 -- An in ear canal phone. As of apple shop and forum estimates: Cx 300 = $129.90, CX 400 = $150, and CX 500 = $189. They are slightly new versions added into the family recently, in 2008.
[Maximum budget = $120]

As you could see, i would not be so crazy to invest more than $120 in my new ear piece. that would be totally nuts, as well i could get a new ipod classic, and do so much with the rest of my money, such as getting a new backpack.

i am interested to purchase a tall/long backpack for a tall person myself. I am about 1.8m tall, of the slender/slim built male 20 year old. The usual small "dickies" backpack would make me feel wierd. I do have a crumplers sling bag already. Looking for some genuine advice. =)

Thanks in advance =)